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A novel about women in the 1940s


News from the Tour

Help Preserve History

For all that’s been written about The War, The Greatest Generation’s gay and lesbian life is not well chronicled – particularly on the home front. The National Park Service is actively seeking individuals to contribute their unique stories to the diverse history interpreted at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park — in Richmond, California — just 18 miles north and east of San Francisco.

WWII American Home Front Oral History Project

I'm often asked, at readings, about the inspiration for "Wax". I was inspired by oral histories I read -- transcripts of interviews with women who worked in the shipyards during WWII -- obtained through Rosie the Riveter, WWII Home Front, National Historical Park.

WWII Home Front Festival

On October 15th I had the pleasure of participating in the Richmond, WWII Home Front Festival, a cooperative effort between the City of Richmond, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, and the National Park Service. I hadn't attended before, but I will attend again.

Thank you Kaiser Heritage

I was happy to have the booth next to Kaiser Heritage during last weekend's Home Front Festival in Richmond. The health care network that now serves 8.6 million members was born in the Richmond shipyards during WWII.

Book Tour Cat and Book Store Cat

Loofie (aka Alice Aloof) has been my faithful traveling companion on the Tin Can Camper Book Tour. For the most part, our journey's been uneventful.

The Frogman and Four-Eyed Frog Books

I was driving through Gualala, California when I saw an adopt a highway sign: the litter free road was compliments of Four-Eyed Frog Books.

Publication Party

Last night one hundred friends gathered on the back patio of The Gate in Belmont to celebrate the publication of "Wax". Many, many thanks to all who helped with the event

Bob's Beach Books Authors' Fair

An important stop on the Tin Can Camper Book Tour! I never know what to expect and I'm never disappointed.

Wonderful Book Stores

I'm grateful to the independent booksellers hosting me in their wonderful stores -- I've just updated the schedule. I'll be starting in the north in mid-September;

Rosie the Icon

The "We Can Do It" poster created by the War Department to recruit women for industry, has taken on a life of its own, spanning generations. The image has been used on kids' lunch boxes and campaign mailers.

During and After Photos

Now I know about aluminum primer, which is useful information if you plan to paint aluminum.

Exfoliating Mighty Mouse

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I discovered rubbing compound. Who knew that fifty-seven years of oxidation would buff off?

Field of Dreams

That's what came to mind when I first arrived at Vintage Campers in Peru, Indiana. I'd foolishly worried about not being able to find the place. Proprietor Dan Piper explained that he'd "got the disease -- bad" and started collecting.

1954 Beemer

Airstreams are the Cadillacs of tin can campers. In Wax, Tilly lives in a sixteen foot beauty in Parking Lot C. I found a 1948 Wee Wind, restored, for thirty-eight thousand dollars -- about thirty-six thousand more than I intended to spend.